Product Care

Shaker products are made from the most innovative cruelty-free and bio-based materials. Keep the following care tips in mind to help your bag last a lifetime.

General Guidance

To keep your bag looking its best over time, we encourage you to adopt the following practices:

o1. Do not overfill the bag as this may permanently distort its shape.
o2. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfume and cosmetics. If your item becomes damp, dab it with a soft and light-coloured cloth to absorb moisture.
o3. As with any material, we recommend spills or stains be attended to and cleaned as soon as possible. Clean the outer with water, and if, if required, a small amount of non-toxic detergent. A similar approach can be used with the lining.
o3. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and strong sources of light.
o4. Store your bag in the protective dust bag when not in use. If you no longer have the dust bag, do NOT store it in a plastic carrier bag.
o5. Do not store the bag anywhere too warm, humid or unventilated.