Our Materials

MIRUM® - The Plant Powered Material

Leather is the world’s most environmentally destructive textile (Source: Science Direct). Given that powerful climate action starts with the materials we choose, Shaker's mission is to make timeless treasures that are kinder to people, planet and animals. With our first collection, we selected a high-quality, plant-based material called MIRUM®. It is the first high-end leather alternative that is 100% plastic-free, and that is a big win for us.

MIRUM® is a plant-based alternative to leather that is made from sustainably-sourced natural rubber. Agricultural waste (such as coconut fibres and rice hulls) are used as fillers, and dyes are sourced from natural minerals such as charcoal and iron oxide. MIRUM® is made by a company called Natural Fiber Welding which is dedicated to creating materials with a low carbon footprint.  

Luxurious yet robust, MIRUM® is easily cleaned with warm water, or a small amount of gentle detergent. We also recommend to not overfill your bag, to help it keep its original form.

  • Packaging

    How does a sustainably-minded brand balance the desire to offer a luxurious and delightful packaging experience ... whilst also avoiding plastic?

    One part of our solution are beautiful "stitched" boxes that are designed to be kept and treasured (because longevity is, of course, one of biggest contributing factors towards true sustainability). 

    Free from the non-vegan glues used in standard luxury gift boxes, our Shaker boxes are made in England by a company called Stitched Boxes. The core of the box is grey-board made from 100% post-consumer waste and they are covered with FSC kraft paper. The boxes are simply stapled together: understated chic.

    Other packaging includes organic cotton dust bags (salvaged and repurposed); recycled paper and cards; and reusable "circular" packaging from our friends at RePack and MOVO.

  • AppleSkin

    Currently used on the pockets of the Twist Bag, AppleSkin is an innovative, plant-based material that is 100% cruelty-free. It is produced using cellulose fibres that are a by-product of the apple juice industry. Produced in Italy, it is strong, durable and has a beautiful hand feel