Our story

Our vision is a world where we can enjoy beautiful objects that are produced in ways that have a positive impact on animals, people and the planet.

Shaker seeks to unpick the fashion industry’s obsession with leather, and instead shine a light on the beauty inherent in plant-based materials. 

The brand was founded in 2018 by Jessica Kruger out of frustration with the fashion industry’s apathy towards human, animal and environmental suffering.

The company is proudly female-led and majority female-owned. 

Shaker was originally founded as LUXTRA, re-branding as Shaker in June 2023.

Founder Jessica originally started her journey of building cruelty-free businesses in 2014 when she opened ETHOS – one of London’s best loved meat-free restaurants - after her mother volunteered at Farm Sanctuary in California.

Our Manifesto

1. We make the best products we can and continually educate ourselves and innovate to improve them.

2. We don’t just do what sounds good, but what does good.

3. We shine a light on positive change and the potential impact it could have.

4. We invite everyone to gather behind our mission and join the party.